Continental Benefits believes that healthcare should be more affordable for everyone and that everyone should have full knowledge of the quality rating of their doctor and hospital before any procedure. This has not been possible for the past 50 years. This information has been kept from customers, until TopCare.

With TopCare, every person that has a medical procedure can know the quality and safety rating of their doctor and hospital and how they rank and stack in every metropolitan area. This means:

· A better health outcome by using the best-of-the-best medical providers
· Lower cost due to less complications of care and better safety
· A better member experience

There is nothing like TopCare. In fact, for 85% of all surgeries, members using TopCare will get the benefits of knowing and experiencing the best care possible, based on accurate external quality data.

Furthermore, when TopCare is implemented into a healthcare plan, employers save around 10% of their total medical spend compared to using a traditional carrier offering.*

Please contact us to find out how TopCare can benefit both you and your Employer.

*This has been proven by an external actuarial firm.