Senior Vice President, Sales - National

Thinking differently about how to engage physicians and clinicians in managing health care for consumers inspired me to join the Continental Benefits team. There is a transformation taking place across the country designed to deliver on the health care triple aim of better population health, better patient experience, and better per capita cost. It’s exciting to be with a company that has the technology and wherewithal to help facilitate this important transformation. My contribution to this great cause will hopefully come from drawing on my 30 years of experience in the health insurance industry. This includes actuarial, underwriting, sales and leadership experience. Most relevant, applying what I learned recently as the President of a Local Market for Aetna and building from scratch an ACO “product” that aggregated multiple ACOs and delivered compelling results to self-funded and fully insured clients. This is the pathway to sustainable health care cost and better quality, and Continental Benefits is at the forefront of this transformation for self-funded employers.