Vice President, Sales - National

Being in this industry for over 30 years, I have been blessed to work with very intelligent and innovative team members looking for solutions to better healthcare.   Working on both the consultant side and the carrier side has educated me on all needs and strategic intent financially, customer satisfaction and transparency on the quality of health care.  I have extensive experience in leadership, sales, mentoring for women in leadership and exceeded results.  With these professional experiences and my personal life leanings, I’ve developed in to who I am and wanting to help others with solutions that work for them and their goals health care, etc.  

I joined the Continental team due to the mission to change the face of healthcare and “awaken” where we need to go in the industry.   There is an entrepreneurial mindset and leverages technology and creativity to make a difference for our clients.  Watching this industry over the past 30 plus years with its twists and turns, I recognized the solutions and continual innovation around advocacy, quality transparency and controlling costs was the way of the future.   We are leading in changing health care to Smarter Health Care and welcome helping all on the journey.