Vice President, Sales - Northeast

I majored in Healthcare Risk Management at Temple University in Philadelphia.  Some of my classmates studied building or marine insurance, but I view human health to be the most interesting thing to insure.  At that time, businesses were struggling with 10% to 20% cost increases on their health and prescription plans, which were one of the top line items of their business; technology didn’t exist back then to do much about it, many of my peers felt government intervention was the only solution.  15 years later, I’ve been an underwriter and a senior consultant at a national benefits consulting firm, the ACA was passed, and businesses are struggling with 10% to 20% cost increases.  Large health plans are administered on 20-year old computer software, green screens and everything.  Hair is on fire across the country and my conversations these past couple years with consultants, finance and HR leaders echo the sentiment that decision makers are not given the tools or good data on their own health plan to tackle the compounding trend of 10% to 20% every year over the past 20 years.   

As Sales Vice President of the Northeast, I enjoy working with clients and consultants to bring true transparency and sustainability to their health plans, for the first time ever.  Behold, I present to you, the A#1 best way to ensure your lowest possible cost scenario.  All with a better member experience and a vision to end the increases in deductibles and payroll premium share.