Our country and the American Health Care System do not need another insurance carrier or TPA that fails to deliver results. If we look at where healthcare costs are now compared to 20 years ago, there has not been a trend of success.

Continental Benefits was created to be a BOLD alternative in healthcare. We do not conform to conventional wisdom of others, and we stay focused on our three pillars of healthcare:

· Improving health outcomes
· Reducing the expense of healthcare
· Improving the customer and member experiences

Continental Benefits has brought some of the brightest and most entrepreneurial minds in healthcare together to leverage emerging technology and develop truly sustainable benefit plans for our clients. We are more than just another TPA ⎯ we are a leading agent of transformation in the industry.

As your partner in healthcare, we feel a duty to be the best stewards of your dollar and believe in both quality and price transparency. It is a BOLD approach, so that your company can get the BOLD results you’ve been waiting for.