Providers are able to access eligibility and plan information for their patients on our web portal, myCBcompass, at any time without logging into the system via the “Verify Eligibility” button.

If you need to check claims status, pre-cert authorizations, or view patient accumulators, you may request access to the web portal via the "Request Access" button. Submit the online form with your general office email and/or fax number so it can be verified online.  Once verified, we’ll send authorization documents for you to complete and return to us at which time, your user credentials will be provided.

Verify Eligibility

Verify your patients’ eligibility and obtain plan documents.

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Request Access

View benefit information, claim details
and accumulator information.


All member and benefit plan information is located on the front of the member ID card.


Details for all claims submissions are located on the back of the member ID card.


Please call the toll free number listed on the back of the member ID card to confirm eligibility and benefits.