Providers are able to check eligibility and receive plan documents for their patients on our web portal, myCBcompass, anytime, 24/7, without logging into the system. Simply follow this link, go to the Providers tab on the left, and then click on the "Verify Eligibility" button.

If you need to check claims status, pre-cert authorizations or to view patient accumulators, you may request access to the web portal via the "Request Access" button. Once you submit the online form, we will send authorization documents to you. To assist in a prompt response, please ensure email and/or fax numbers are your general office information that can be verified online. Once forms are returned and processed, your user credentials will be provided.

Click here to access myCBcompass, and then select the Providers tab on the left.

Confirm Member & Plan Information

All member information and a brief summary of the benefit plan information is located on the front of the member’s ID Card. You may view this document on myCBcompass by following this link, then clicking on the Provider tab on the left, and then using the "Sample ID Card" button.

Claims Submission

Details for all claim submissions are located on the back of the member’s ID Card.

Confirm Eligibility & Benefits

Continental Benefits is responsible for all eligibility and benefit questions. Please call the toll free number listed on the back of the member’s ID Card.