Integration and incentives to drive change.

The key to any good population health management strategy is the ability to integrate programs and provide solid, achievable incentives. Continental Benefits advanced platform and data management warehouse provide us with the unique ability to integrate data sets, allowing us to predict healthcare expenses based on a holistic view of a patient. Predictive analytics are not new, but the quantity and quality of data that can now be provided is. Risk factor projections, care gap identifications and benchmarking are now driven by larger datasets, resulting in more accuracy in outreach and ultimately better patient engagement.

Coupling a comprehensive population health strategy with a properly structured and incentivized wellness program has been shown to impact cost. Continental Benefits partners with some of the leading providers of population management and wellness programs. We can work with an Employer or Plan Sponsor to provide onsite biometric screening at a very affordable rate.  In addition, we can integrate all the information into our data and analytics system to take action in improving outcomes.  Our unique big data capabilities feed these programs like never before. We also work with local hospitals and providers to engage them in data sharing programs like never before.

Accountable Care Organization models, providing for risk sharing among provider and employer, have expanded the population health model to partnerships between employer sponsored programs and provider based programs, as well as incentivized physicians to provide onsite population health management.

Engagement in these areas takes strategy and good partners. Continental Benefits has experience in building out not only Accountable Care Organizations, but also strong partnerships and successful population health management programs.