Employers need a partner, not just another health plan.

The healthcare market is complex. The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), while good in many fashions, has made the market even more complex. A thousand new acronyms are now part of the daily fabric of our healthcare ecosystem, as if we needed more. Healthcare was a challenge before ACA and continues to be post-ACA. Politics abound and regulatory forces push change through a hardened system. Some of this is beneficial, yet some of this creates forces and power shifts that undermine the entire system.

For the sophisticated employer, healthcare cannot be a commodity. In many cases employee benefits are the second highest expense item in a company’s budget. Trends of 10-20% per year have made employee benefits an unsustainable program. The annual scramble to address and avert a double-digit increase raises the blood-pressure of CFOs and Consultants alike.

An annualized view of your employee benefits program is admitting defeat and becoming a victim to the health plan cycle. Any other part of a company that has a multi-year strategy and double-digit expense increases without an ROI would be intolerable.

True sustainability can be achieved.

Continental Benefits is not just an employee benefits plan administrator. We have purposely sought out ex-consultants, COOs, Presidents and business owners to join our team and do something different. Every client and consultant is looked at as a valued partner who is seeking a multi-year sustainable solution for their benefits program. We work with each client, at inception and every single day, to continue to develop their multi-year strategy. The strategy doesn’t stop at year-five, its five years forward each day.

Our desire to create sustainable programs drives each of us every day. It drives us to continually seek new partners, to actively listen to our clients, to never say ‘no’, and to not just say we are different, but to BE different.

Come partner with us. Come to Expect More.