At Continental Benefits, we believe that healthcare is confusing enough, without the archaic telephonic menus that many companies use for their member support. That’s why we’ve developed a concierge-style customer service model that can be accessed via a toll-free line or secure messaging.

Our customer service team is truly your partner in healthcare.

We hold some of the best customer service metrics in the industry, for both members and providers. Think seconds, not minutes or hours, to talk to a live representative. We also have the highest talk time in the industry. Customer service representatives take their time to answer all of your questions in the first call and treat every member like family.

Continental Benefit's support staff and tools include:

· Elective Surgery Advocacy and Negotiation
· Member web portals, including EOB and ID card printing & downloading
· Price Transparency Tools
· Registered Nurse Care Managers
· Specialty Prescription Care Managers