What is Big Data?

Big Data is a broad term for data sets so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate. When you look at all the data available in the healthcare space, it becomes overwhelming. Claims data, pharmacy data, care management data, pre-certification data, wellness data, biometric data, health risk assessments, medical records, lab test results, time-loss data, productivity, work related injury; the list goes on and on. Imagine if all those data sets talked to each other. Now, they can.

The Deerwalk System can pull in any data, stratify it and use it as part of your data set to produce results. Online dashboards allow you to run reports, identify trends and analyze data, but it doesn’t stop there. Continental Benefits understands the value big data can bring and provides analytical support and consultation, evaluating cost drivers within your data and proposing effective and sustainable solutions.


Producing data is great, but making it actionable is key. Not only do our brokers and clients get direct access to the Deerwalk data warehouse to run their own analysis, we provide 10 hours of monthly ad hoc reporting at no cost to our clients. In addition, we assign a Data Analyst to each client whose sole responsibility is to analyze the data within the system, report on trends, and provide actionable information back to the client and consultant on steps they could take to improve outcomes and cost.

If data is the new currency, then consider us a financial advisor. It is that important to us.